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Tank Repair & Cleaning

"Providing value for our Customers with unwavering commitment to total quality service and excellence."

As part of our total tank logistics plan to give our customers a level of service that stands way above the rest, CWT Integrated invested in the latest ISO container repair and cleaning facilities.

Designed in full cooperation with the United Kingdom's AEA Technology (AEAT), the tank cleanout station is an archetype of the latest and most environmentally-friendly technology, which engages Nano filtration and Reverse Osmosis as the filtration media.

This high capacity, automated facility features hot, cold or steam wash with spinners, programmed wash formulas, refined ventilation system as well as toxic scrubber.

Supported fully by the latest, high performance cleaning database system, the facility is further enhanced to give the highest quality and consistent results for every cleanout. Each and every process of the tank cleanout and the effluent treatment system conforms to the most stringent international regulations.

To complement this excellent service, we also provide full range of repairs and maintenance for tank containers which include statutory testing, shell repair, removal of pitting and discoloration, passivation, frame repair and other general maintenance.