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Container Depot Operations

"Providing value for our Customers with unwavering commitment to total quality service and excellence."

Strategically located at Pioneer Sector, Penjuru and Tuas, our depot operations are within close proximity to Singapore's main expressways, ensuring smooth access to the ports. Our three Depots, totalling over 119,000 square metres, are fully-paved and capable of storing more than 15,200 TEUs of containers in a eight-high configuration. This innovative layout provides both, optimum efficiency for clearance and easy retrieval, ensuring fast turnarounds for hauliers.

With the support of a customized computerized container information system, we have set up a highly efficient information flow for our customers by providing them global access to our system.

To prove our commitment in the IT arena, we have painstakingly taken bold steps to move from a client/server environment to an Internet-based computing platform. Today, we have e-Business applications available, providing on-line, real-time information that facilitates operational visibility and gives our customers greater control and flexibility.